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We are Christophe and Evelyne. We wish to share our adventures with you. Join us and explore the World with us!


weekend getaways

Weekend Gateways

Get away from the daily routine and satisfy your curiosity with fun things to do: walk in stunning landscapes or discover art and history.

national parks adventures

National Park Adventures

Enjoy the national parks! Walk in the mountains, forests and around lakes. These natural and protected environments are a paradise for all hikers and nature lovers.

city breaks

City Breaks

Walk in the great cities and discover unusual sites and historic districts. It is the best way to understand its history, heritage, culture and traditions... and enjoy its gastronomic specialties.

cultural trips

Cultural Trips

Visit the hidden treasures of a destination. Discover all that makes a country rich and interesting: its history, its heritage, its traditions and its people. Experience wonder.

road trips

Roads Trips

Hit the road, get a feeling of freedom and discover great remote destinations. Just do as Kerouak did...

adventure travel

Adventure Travel

Escape, live an exceptional experience, feel the thrill of discovery. Go off the beaten path, explore the world and interact with people. In short, live an unforgettable adventure.


Two minutes in the Namib Desert
Svalbard/Spitzbergen Cruise | Crossing the 80th Parallel North
Koyasan (Japan) Unforgettable visit of a sacred site