We love to travel…

Hello, we are Evelyne and Christophe. Even though we are in our fifties, we travel a lot, we are filled up with energy, we are in good shape, in our minds and in our bodies. We have always had a passion to move, to discover others and to exchange ideas with people we have met. This is why we have traveled a lot and we hope we will be able to do so for many years.

Why this travel blog ?

In order to:

  • share with other people, young and older, on our unforgettable holidays, on our great trips, or just the places where we had a very good time.
  • tell stories of great adventurers who will inspire you, describe our road trips abroad, the routes we have followed
  • communicate the joy of discovering, of hiking in wonderful places and keep with you the flame of curiosity…

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We wish to share with you our travel experiences

The trips are also an excuse to take pictures and videos for Christophe. We are pleased, once back home, to share with our children unforgettable moments. It’s a nice way to keep the journey alive before preparing the next one in the list of our dreams

Travelling is not a matter of age

baby boomer senior travel adventure

What is the definition of “Adventure”?

For us, adventure is a series of discoveries, sensations, emotions  that are out of the ordinary. They provide a well-being feeling and happyness.

It is not necessary to climb Mount Everest or cross the Pacific ocean on a catamaran to feel like living an adventure.

Is Adventure for everyone?

Everyone’s trip can be an adventure and an opportunity to surpass oneself. For example, what a pleasure to discover, after the effort, a fantastic place that would only be accessible on foot. Everyone can measure its own accomplishment and success in discovering wilderness, sharing with others.

Our travel stories are aimed to everyone, whatever the age, young or baby boomers.

Yes, we are over 50 but we are active Baby boomers !!!

Are you ready to come with us in this adventure?
Enjoy your trip!

Why Heulys ? Well, as you might guess, this is a reference to Ulysses, the well-known hero of the Greek mythology, who wandered for twenty years going from one adventure to another while returning home…

If you want to know more, contact us.