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This “Contact” page is important for us because it strengthens the links that we have with our readers and partners who appreciate our posts.

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But before you do that, please read the answers that we give to the following frequently asked questions:

Questions from our readers:

  • How often do you publish your articles?

We are committed to publish high-quality articles, along with pleasant photos. Being the authors of Travel Blog, we had to learn new skills such as “web designer”, “webmaster”, “developer”, “webmarketer”, “journalist”, in short, blogger !!!

It took us a while to digest and then master all these skills. From now on, we will be more productive.

  • Could you send us a quotation for a 3 weeks road trip to XXXX ? is a travel blog, not a travel agency.  We do not sell anything. But you can contact us to get some advice or practical information on a destination.

  • Are the videos and images posted with your articles taken by you?

Absolutely, we do everything in this blog, even the translation of the French posts in English. By the way, if you want to help us on this matter, your contribution will be greately appreciated.

  • Do you accept guest posts?

Our blog features our own travel experiences, and describes our own emotions and feelings. Unless a guest post is complementary to our articles, we don’t accept for the moment guest publications.

Questions from our partners :

  • We liked your travel stories. Would you accept a backlink to your site?

Sure, it will help us to be known.

  • We are preparing an article about active baby-boomers. Would you accept to describe your travel experiences?

Absolutely, we would love to.

  • We appreciate a lot your travel posts. We would like to work with you through a partnership in order to feature a destination or a brand ?

We are interested on the condition that we can preserve our freedom of judgment.

Write to us and we will be happy to answer  !

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