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Drapeau fr version françaisdrapeau us version anglais, Travel and Adventure guide is a travel and adventure blog that we have created. We are passionnate about travelling. We have spent quite some time discovering other countries and now, we wish to share our adventures with you.

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lac de côme lake como

6 hiking paths to visit Lake Como (Italy) away from the crowd!

Here are 6 inctredible spots and hiking tracks to visit Lake Como away from the crowd.

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 Orangutans National Gunung leuser Park, Sumatra

Trek in the jungle of Sumatra (Indonesia): meet with orangutans

The Gunung Leuser National Park is a really outstanding Sumatra’s gem. We have observed orangutans, wild and protected animals.

 Visit Spain Andalusia Alhambra Cour des Myrthes - Visiter l'Andalousie en espagne Alhambra voyage en andalousie

10 tips to enjoy your trip to Andalusia (Spain)

Are you planning to go to Andalusia? So read our travel tips to make the most out of your trip. Andalusia is a sussessful destination that requires anticipation.

namibia namib desert sossusvlei deadvlei namibie desert du namib

Namib Desert: Discover Sossusvlei and Deadvlei

Why the Namib Desert is so mythical? Read our story about our discovery of this world’s oldest desert and you will know why.


 volcan krakatoa krakatoa volcano krakatau indonesia indonesie kraka

Krakatoa volcano, son of Krakatau that shook the World

What a thrill to discover one of the world's most dangerous and fascinating volcano. This "living" mountain has marked men's memory

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone - In the footsteps of Thomas Moran

Randonnée dans Antelope Island State Park, à Salt Lake City (USA). Discover the most photographied site in Wyoming. One canyon and its 3 falls.

 Taggart Lake grand teton national park usa hiking randonner

Taggart Lake Trail : Discover Grand Teton National Park

One day hiking in one of the most beautiful and spectacular national parks of the US. You will love the wilderness of the mountain range.