grand teton national park map

Grand Teton National Park Map, Wyoming, USA.

With its breathtaking scenery, pristine nature, waterfalls, rugged mountains and lakes, Grand Teton National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the United States. In fact, it is our favorite with Yellowstone!

It is the ideal destination for all hikers, photographers and nature lovers in general.

But whether you come for a one-day visit or for several days, it is necessary to prepare your visit to fully experience the natural beauty of the landscape.
This guide presents the Official Grand Teton National Park Map, as well as detailed information on the trail maps.

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1. Grand Teton Map: Regional area

Grand Teton National Park is located south of Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming. It is accessible by US Highway 191, which leaves the southern entrance to Yellowstone Park and crosses the Jackson Hole Valley. Most of the time, people visit both parks, one after the other.

This map allows you to visualize the main accesses to both parks.

Thus, Grand Teton National Park is accessible via 3 entrances:
– from the North, via the Yellowstone Park South Entrance
– the Moran Entrance in the East
– and finally from the South entrance located north of Jackson Hole, on the US Highway 191.

Depending on where you come from, this area road map of Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks will help you to choose the most appropriate entrance.

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regional road map grand teton and yellowstone

Yellowstone and Grand Teton area map location

2. The Grand Teton National Park Map

This official map of Grand Teton National Park is handed out at each of the 3 park entrances. It can also be obtained at the Visitors Centers.

It is really helpful to consult it before going since it gives the location of different services, turnouts, campgrounds, lodging, hiking trails, …all you need to prepare your visit in the park and decide of your next the itinerary.

Click on the Grand Teton National Park map to enlarge:


Official Grand Teton National Park Map

3. Grand Teton National Park Map with Mileage

Download: the the printable map of Yellowstone & Grand Teton with mileage

The Grand Teton Roads

Eventhough people come to the park to walk or hike, driving through the park is also a unique experience.

Two main scenic roads winds through the Grand Teton National Park. They offer stunning views of the Teton Range. Moreover, several pull-outs have been set up to stop and admire the exceptional views.

– the Teton Park Road, which runs along the lakes. The Teton range is reflected in their waters.
US Highway 191, the main artery, which from Jackson Hole, cuts the park from north to south. It is also a wonderful scenic road offering all the way many wonderful views on the magnificent scenary.

grand teton snake river overlook

The Snake River Overlook

Among the spectacular views, we noted:
– from the Highway 191 : the Snake River Overlook, the Oxbow Bend Turnout
– from the Teton Park Road, the Cathedral Group Turnout and the Teton Glacier Turnout.

There are so many others that are located on the Grand Teton National Park map.

4. Grand Teton National Park Trail Maps

As mentioned earlier, the park is a paradise for hikers and other nature lovers. A one day visitor will engage in a easy or moderate hike while expert hikers will venture out on more challenging trails.
But before you embark on a hike, consult the Grand Teton Trail Map bellow to choose the one that is most suitable for you, depending on your time in the park, the difficulty of the hike and the landscapes you wish to see.

Grand Teton Day Hikes Map

Download: the  Grand Tetons Trail map

It should be noted that the headtrails are almost all accessible from the two main roads.

Grand Teton Backcountry Trail Map

– This map contains information about the camping areas, lakefront sites, hiking trails with mileage and some hiking tips.

Download: the Grand Teton Backcountry Trail map

Detailed Grand Teton Trail Maps

Here is a list of detailed Grand Teton Trail maps to prepare your next hike.

You may be interested in consulting our article about the 8 Best & Short Hikes in Grand Teton National Park.

Click on each map to enlarge:

grand-teton-national-park-map taggart lake trail

Taggart Lake Trails

grand tetons map Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake Trails

Leigh lake Trailhead hiking grand teton

Leigh Lake Trails

death canyon trail head map

Death Canyon Trails

Hermitage Point Trails grand teton map

Hermitage Point trails

Two ocean lake trail tetons map

Two Ocean Lake Trails

lupine Meadow Trails Grand Tetons

Lupine Meadows Trails

Grand teton Granite Canyon Trails Map

Granite Canyon Trails

5. 3D Grand Teton maps!

The interest of these Grand Teton maps is that they allow you to locate yourself in space. They are often much more significant than a traditional flat map. Here are 2 maps that we have photographed “in situ”.

Click on the pictures to enlarge:

grand teton national park map

View on the Taggart Lake Trail surroundings

grand teton national park map

View on the Jenny Lake surroundings

 Don’t forget to follow the hiking guidelines and the backcountry regulations described in the brochures provided by the park rangers.

Now, with all these maps, you are ready to experience the natural beauty of Grand Teton National Park ! 😉

All images credit: By US National Park Service, restoration/cleanup by Matt Holly, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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