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Norwegian Scenic Route Geiranger-Trollstigen.

One of the most beautiful roads in Norway is the Scenic Route Trollstigen-Geiranger, a mountain road located in central western Norway. In this beautiful fjord region, it connects Sogge Bru (south of Andalsnes) to Lake Langvatnet (south of Geiranger).
The Trollstigen-Geiranger route winds up through the deep and narrow fjord valleys for almost 100 km. It attracts loads of tourists in Summer, eager to gaze at the extraordinary panoramas. This is why it is listed among the Norwegian Scenic Routes.

Here is an article of our travel blog Heulys that describes this 2 hour magnificent drive and the stunning landscapes we have been through.

After visiting Alesund, the most beautiful city in Norway, we continue our trip in the direction of the Geirangerfjord. This spectacular fjord called the “King of the Fjords” is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is by a very cloudy but dry weather that we leave on the Trollstigen road to discover the wild and majestic nature of the Møre og Romsdal mountains.

 Trollstigen-Geiranger, a Norwegian Scenic Route :

1. Norwegian Scenic Route Geiranger-Trollstigen
2. The Trolls’ ladder
3. Ferry crossing from Linge to Eidsdal
4. 4 spots to admire the Geiranger fjord
5. Hiking on the Trollstigen-Geiranger
7. Scenic Route Geiranger-Trollstigen map
8Other useful information

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1.The Norwegian Scenic Route Geiranger-Trollstigen

Starting from Alesund, we drive along the magnificent lake Brusdalsvatnet, with its deep blue waters. It is flanked by a few villages and green meadows. After having crossed Andalsnes we fork on the scenic route Trollstigen-Geiranger. On the maps, it bears the much less poetic number of RV63.

norway fjords region romsdal

Lake Brusdalsvatnet in the Romsdal region

We immediately penetrate in a narrower and narrower valley, at the foot of the Trollveggen, a mountainous massif with steep walls from which many waterfalls flow.

waterfalls around trollstigen road

Of course, this territory, with its wild and imposing nature, belongs to the Trolls, hideous and evil creatures existing in the Scandinavian mythology. According to legends, these characters would embody natural or magical forces. We did not meet any of them (because they prowl at night in the mountains and turn into stones at the first rays of the sun 😉).

The thick mist hanging from the almost vertical rocky walls of Mount Dronninga gives the landscape a resolutely dramatic character.

trollstigen romsdal mountains

Impressive Mount Dronninga

On the way, eager to admire this majestic nature, we stop at a parking lot, the starting point of a hike called Megårdsdammen. This one hour easy round trip forest path allows us to admire the wild and stunning silhouette of the Romsdal mountains.

2. The Trolls’ ladder

Trollstigen means “the Trolls ladder” in Norwegian and where we are, the name takes on its full meaning. Indeed, we have arrived at the foot of the famous hair pin bends. The road meanders on the very steep walls of Mount Stigrøra thanks to 11 very tight turns, which from afar look like a ladder. A rest area makes it possible to observe “from below” the flow of vehicles, some of which are struggling to climb the 9% gradient. During the ascent, we admire the famous Stigfossen waterfall, 180 meters high, a spectacular waterfall that ejects forcefully from the rocky mountainsides that dominate us. At the top of this twisted road, tourist facilities and a large viewing platform have been set up to allow visitors to admire the winding ribbon that runs through the steep mountain walls.

What a mighty view !

Trollstigen running through the steep maountains. On the left, the Stigfossen waterfall.

We take the time to enjoy this stopover and taste the excellent “apple strudel” served in the cafeteria. We can’t stop taking pictures of the surrounding mountains and of the breathtaking panorama. One of the attractions along the way is the viewpoint of Gudbrandsjuvet that offers magnificent views on the Valldøla river gorge.

3. Ferry crossing from Linge to Eidsdal

We take the Trollstigen again, which takes us further and further in the heart of a spectacular landscape. We observe a few glaciers on the heights, waterfalls, small glacial lakes and wild rivers along the way. The RV63 runs along the Norddalsfjord fjord to Linge where we take the ferry to cross this small inlet. Then we reach the shore of Eidsdal from where the road enters a wider and greener valley.

linge eidsdal ferry

Linge Eidsdal Ferry

The Linge-Eidsdal ferry connects the two villages every half hour. The crossing takes 12 minutes. It is enough to arrive 20 minutes before the desired departure time. Ticket price (to be purchased on site) between 40 € and 75 € depending on the category of the vehicle. Go up the ferry’s waiting room to admire the landscape.

4. 4 spots to admire the Geiranger fjord

At 25 km from Eidsdal, the RV63 begins a spectacular 8 km descent into the bottom of the Geirangerfjord. This stretch of road is called the “Eagle Route“.

– Ornevegen (Ornesviggen): The Eagle Route

The engineers who designed the Scenic Route Trollstigen-Geiranger have renewed their prowess on the section overlooking the village of Geiranger: 11 hairpin bends make it possible to climb or descend a 620-meter drop over a distance of only 8 km. This is the steepest side of the fjord.

The Ornevegen viewpoint has been built at the top of the road, at the first bend (from the top). It offers a grandiose panorama on one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. The vista on the village of Geiranger, nestled between the steep mountainsides is also spectacular. A cruise boat is parked in the turquoise waters of the fjord and spits out a whitish smoke that floats above Geiranger! Then the road goes along the fjord to its village, without any possibility to stop.

ornevegen viewpoint trollstigen geiranger norway

The Geiranger fjord seen from the Ornevegen viewpoint

– Geiranger

This village of 250 inhabitants welcomes in Summer more than 600 000 visitors who come here by coach or cruise ship! In other words, the road that runs through the village is very busy. We parked a few minutes to take pictures, then we left. After crossing the village, the Trollstigen goes up on the heights of the fjord, in the direction of Grotli.

– Flydalsjuvet

5 kilometers from Geiranger, after a few narrow bends, we reach the rest area of Flydalsjuvet. This other beautiful viewpoint offers a bird’s eye view of the fjord, in the opposite direction of Ornevegen. The deep blue fjord, embedded between the steep walls of the Romsdal Mountains, is superb. Several waterfalls run off the tops of the rocky walls.

flydasjulvet geiranger fjord norway

The Geiranger fjord seen from the Flydalsjuvet viewpoint

– Dalsnibba

The RV 63 joins lake Djupnatnet from where a toll road leads at 5 km from the top of Mount Dalsnibba. A platform has been set up and offers the highest and most spectacular view of the valley. At 1500 meters high, it overlooks the village of Geiranger and its fjord. There, we enjoy an exceptional panorama on the majestic Scandinavian Alps whose summits are covered with ice.

norway dalsnibba geiranger fjord

The Geiranger fjord seen from the Dalsnibba

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dalsnibba viewpoint trollstigen geiranger fjord

From the top of Dalsnibba mountain, panorama on the first glaciers of Scandinavian Alps

The Norwegian Scenic Route Geiranger-Trollstigen ends in Langvatnet.

We continue our road trip to Brismo where we spend the night. Then, we will join the national parks of Norway (Rondane, Dovre, Jotunheimen, Hardangervidda).

5. Hiking around the scenic route Trollstigen-Geiranger 

Norway is a paradise for hikers! The road is lined with stopping points from where 30 hiking trails of varying difficulty and length start.

You may want to:

Download the hiking map around Geiranger.

Download the hiking maps around Eidsdal.

These maps can be bought at the Tourist Office of Geiranger.

6. Map of the Norwegian Scenic Route Geiranger-Trollstigen 

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geiranger trolltigen scenic route map

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The road usually opens in May and closes in late fall (mid-November or early December depending on weather conditions).

7. Helpful websites 

These sites will help you plan your trip in Norway: : the official travel guide to Norway. : Scenic Route Section in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

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