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Yellowstone Map, Wyoming, USA.

Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world. To best prepare your visit to the park, to identify itineraries and to locate the “must see” geothermical features, it is recommended to study the Yellowstone map before making your trip.

Indeed, Yellowstone National Park  covers an area of nearly 3.500 square miles. It is so large that many visitors get lost and spend more time driving in search of their way than watching this magnificent wilderness.

This guide presents the official map of Yellowstone National Park, as well as detailed information on the main highlights and trail maps.

All images credit: By US National Park Service, restoration / cleanup by Matt Holly [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

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1. Yellowstone Map : Regional area

There are 5 entrances to Yellowstone National Park:
– The West entrance at West Yellowstone (Montana),
– the North entrance at Gardiner (Montana). This entrance is the only one to be open year-round,
– the Northeast entrance at Cooke City-Silver Gate (Montana),
– the South entrance, on the scenic highway US 191 (Wyoming),
– the East entrance after Cody (Wyoming).

Depending on the highlights you wish to visit, this map of Yellowstone park will help you to choose the most appropriate entrance.

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road map of yellowstone national park

Yellowstone map location

2. Yellowstone National Park map with mileage

2021 will see 3 major road projects in order to meet the challenges of the increase of the park visitation and trafic :

1, Closure of the road between Tower-Roosevelt and Canyon Junction
2. Works of repairs on Old Faithful overpass Bridge will cause delays up to 15 mn.
3. Works on infrastructure around the North Entrance will change the trafic pattern,

Check the up-to-date information about temporary road closures.

As we mentioned in the introduction, Yellowstone National Park covers such a large territory, that distances between the different highlights should not be underestimated. For example, this map of Yellowstone National Park shows that there are 100 miles between the north and south entrances, and almost as many between West Yellowstone and the east entrance to the park.

You will need it to plan your daily visits and itineraries.

Click on the map to enlarge: 

Yellowstone road map with mileage

Yellowstone map with mileage distance and driving times

3. The official Yellowstone Park map

This official map of Yellowstone park is given at each of the five park entrances. It can also be obtained at the Visitors Center of each area.
The map gives an overview of the park and provides necessary information on what services are available. It is an essential tool to prepare and enjoy your visit of Yellowstone Park.

Click on the map to enlarge :

map of Yellowstone national park

Official Map

Printable Yellowstone map (pdf)

4. Yellowstone Lodging maps

Staying inside the park is a rare experience that allows you to enjoy the proximity with nature.

a. Lodges

Yellowstone National Park has 9 hotels/lodges shown on the map below:

Yellowstone map lodging

Yellowstone lodging map

b. Campsites

The other way to immerse yourself in the park is to camp there. Here is the Yellowstone camping map.

5. Yellowstone Park map – Services and Trails

Detailed Yellowstone maps are very useful to locate the facilities, services, parking lots, picnic areas…

a. Mammoth Hot Springs Map

Mammoth Hot Springs is an exceptional geothermal site. The water is not discharged by geysers or hot springs. It builds on limestone and forms terraces. It has the largest hot springs in terraces in the world.

The map shows the roads and paths from which it is possible to observe the “Lower” and “Upper” Terraces. To know more, read our visit of Mammoth Hot Springs | Terraces of Yellowstone.


map of Mammoth Hot Springs


Mammoth Hot Springs trail map

This particular map shows the paths to discover “Main Terrace” and “Lower Terraces’ walk.

b. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


Map of Canyon Village

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is the most photographed site in the park after Old Faithful.
Several walks around the canyon let you feel the wonder at the site’s magnificence. The map shows observation points that offer spectacular views of the canyon.
We invite you to read our post Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. It describes the different ways to experience Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.

This Yellowstone map illustrates all the observation points and is essential to everyone who wants to admire Grand Canyon.


Grand Canyon Trail map

c. Upper Geyser Basin

Upper Geyser Basin is a striking place: this geothermal area concentrates most of the geysers in the world. This is a Super Volcano. It hosts Old Faithful, whose eruptions are “predictable”. Between two of them, we quietly explore the area to admire the other geysers and hot springs in action.


Upper Geyser Basin trail map

d. Old Faithful Map

Old Faithful is Yellowstone most famous geyser. Its eruptions are “predictable”, ie that we know approximately at what time they will take place. Between two eruptions, we quietly explore the area to admire the other geysers and hot springs.

To know more about the #1 geyser in Yellowstone.


Map of Old Faithful


Old Faithful trail map

e. Norris Geyser Basin

Norris Geyser Basin is the most acid and the hottest geothermal area of the park. The map shows the  location of the various geothermal features.

yellowstone trails map

Norris Geyser Basin trail map

f. West Thumb

West Thumb is a geothermal area on the shore of Yellowstone Lake, the largest lake in North America. Its geothermal springs are absolutely breathtaking.


Map of West Thumb

west-thumb-geyser-basin-trail map

West Thumb Trail map

A trail of half a mile leads the visitors on the western shore of Lake Yellowstone where exceptional geothermal features can be observed.

Photo credit : U.S. National Park Service, restoration/cleanup by Matt Holly, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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